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The popular dagashi shop loved by locals in Oimachi residential area.

There are many retro izakaya (Japanese eateries) and bars on the east side of the station.

Just ten minutes walk from the station, there are wall illustration of snacks, a variety of nostalgic gashapon (vending machine-dispensed capsule toys) and a bench. If you go along the wall, you can see the symbol of the shop - a vintage big cotton candy machine bear welcomes you at the entrance door.

This dagashi shop has been opened and run by a couple named Inuzuka for almost 30 years. When you enter the shop, you feel like you are back in time to the Showa period ! Rows and rows of retro toys, sweets, a variety of dagashi and drinks inside of the shop.

The shop was first opened under the metro rail bridge. When Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983, the shop was selling the Disney’s toys alongside with dagashi snacks and sweets. Then it moved to where it is locates now after the metro station started to develop.

In the past thirty years, many dagashi shops have been closed down because of the birth rate was falling, convenient stores and supermarkets were increasing and the consumption tax was growing.

“Inuzuka” wished to offer children a reasonable price of sweets and snacks, which were sold without tax. However, the shop could not make any profit out of it. The owners were told to increased the price of goods by customers, including children and adults who hoped that the shop could keep running.

This dagashi shop is still a happy gathering spot for children from the neighbourhood. What I remembered the most after visiting the shop was the friendly talk with the owner who had a warm smile.




[Name of the shop]


〒140-0011 Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku, Higashioi, 5 Chome-9-15


10 minutes walk from JR Oimachi Station  


[Opening hours]
10:00 - 19:00

Closing every Tuesday